NDFMGA Farmer’s Markets

Current for July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016


Market:   BisMarket

Market Manager:      Helen Hager

 Address:  PO Box 3112, Bismarck, ND  58502-3112

Telephone:   701-330-3737

Email:  info@bismarket.com

Website:  www.bismarket.com

Facebook.com / bismarketnd

Location:   Sertona Park, Shelter #5

Days/Hours: Tuesday – 4 – 7pm / Saturday 10-1pm

Market Season:  June-October


Market:   Bottineau Farmers Market

Market Manager:      Keith Knudson

 Address:  10191 Lake Rd., Bottineau, ND  58318

Telephone:   701-228-2160

Email:   keith.knudson@dakotacollege.edu

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/BottineauFarmersMarket

Location:   Shopko parking lot / Highway 5 East

Days/Hours:   Saturday, 8am to noon

Market Season:  July – October


Market:   Bowden Farmers Market

Market Manager:  Patti Patrie

 Address:  4250 2nd St. NE, Bowdon, ND  58418

Telephone:   701-962-3355 / 471-4748 - cell

Email:   patrie@daktel.com

Website:  www.bowdonnd.com

Location:   Warrington Ave. (our main street) in Bowdon

Days/Hours:   Last Wednesday of the month 5:30p to 7:30p

Market Season:  July – September


Market:   Cando Farmers’ Market

Market Manager:      Niki Berg

Mail to:  Karen Reemtsma

 Address:   6849 Hwy 17, Cando, ND  58324

Telephone:   701-968-4515

Email:   midnightmoon1830@hotmail.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/CandoFarmersMarket 

Location:   Cando City Park, 4th Ave. & 10th St.                                                                                           

Days/Hours:   Thursdays 5:00 - 6:30 pm

Market Season:   July – Sept.


Market:   Capital Farmers’ Market (Bismarck)

Market Manager:      Bonnie Munsch

 Address:  3229 123rd Ave. NW, Bismarck, ND  58503

Telephone:   701-202-1181

Email:   farmerbon1234@gmail.com


Location:   K-Mart Parking Lot – Tatley Park

Days/Hours:   Saturday –Sunday Noon / Tuesday and Thursday – 8A - ?  / MWF – 2pm - ?

Market Season:  June - November


Market:   Carrington/New Rockford

Market Manager:      Lindsay Ostlie

 Address:  6560 6th St. SE, Carrington, ND  58421

Telephone:   701-285-3344

Email:   fmbccnd@gmail.com

Website:  fmbccnd.weebly.com / facebook.com/fmbccnd

Location:   TBD

Days/Hours:  Wed @ 6pm in Carrington / Wed @ 7pm in NR

Market Season:  August - Mid October


Market:   Central Dakota Farmers Market

Market Manager:      Pamela Anderson

 Address:  2033 38th St. SE, Driscoll, ND  58532

Telephone:   701-226-3293

Email:   anderson@bektel.com

Website:  pending

Location:   Airport Rd., & Michigan Ave.

Days/Hours:   MWF – 3pm

Market Season:  July – October


Market:  Coteau Hills Farmers’ Market

Market Manager:      Sarah Joy Gackle

 Address:  PO Box 185, Kulm, ND 58456

Telephone:   701-647-2316

Email:   sarahjoy.gackle@gmail.com

Website:  www.facebook.com/coteauhills

Location:   105 Main Avenue South (Kulm)

Days/Hours:   1st and 3rd Tuesday / 3 – 6PM

Market Season:  July - October


 Farmers’ Market & Beyond (West Fargo)

Market Manager:     Matthew Johnson- Recreation Specialist

 Address:    500 13th Ave. W, West Fargo, ND 58078

Telephone:   701-433-5360

Email:   matthew@wfparks.org

Website:   www.wfparks.org

Location:    South Elmwood Park Parking Lot                                                                                        

Days/Hours:  Mondays & Thursday 3:30 pm – 6:30pm

Market Season: July - October


Farmers’ Market Buying Club

Market Manager:  Lindsay Ostlie

 Address:    6560 6th St. S., Carrington, ND  58421

Telephone:   701-285-3344

Email:   fmbccnd@gmail.com

Website:   www.fmbccnd.weebly.com

Facebook:  facebook.com/fmbccnd

Location:    Carrington & New Rockford                                                                           

Days/Hours:  Wednesdays, 6pm/Carrington & Wednesdays, 7pm/New Rockford

Market Season: August to Mid-October


Market:   Garrisons Farmers Market

Market Manager:     Giffey’s Yard & Garden

 Address:    19th 4th Ave. SW, Garrison, ND  58540

Telephone:  701-463-7445

Email:   GAIA@restel.com

Website:   www.garrisonnd.com

Location:  19th 4th Ave. SW

Days/Hours:  Saturdays, 9am - noon

Market Season:  End of August - September


Market:   Grafton Farmers’ Market

Market Manager:     Heather Szklarski

 Address:  15229 76th PL NE, Grafton, ND  58237

Telephone:   701-520-4594

Email:   heatherszklarski@gmail.com

Website:   none

Location:    Heritage Village

Days/Hours:   Tuesdays 5:30 – 7:00 pm

Market Season:  July – September


Market:   Jamestown Coop Farmers Market Assoc.

Market Manager:     Thelma Trecker

 Address:  3024 88th Ave. SE, Jamestown, ND  58401

Telephone:   701-320-8135

Email:   arnie.falk@sendit.nodak.edu

Website:   none

Location:    Jamestown Civic Center Parking Lot

Days/Hours:   Wednesday - 5 to 7pm / Saturdays - 9am to noon

Market Season:  July – October


Market:   LaMoure Farmers Market

Market Manager:   Denice Johnson

 Address    6801 County Road 63, LaMoure, ND 58458

Telephone:   701-541-7209

Email:   djohnson@drtel.net

Facebook:  LaMoure FM

Location:   Junction of Hwy 13 & Co. Rd 60

Days/Hours:   Mon/Thurs 4:00 – 6:00 pm


Market:   Langdon Farmers’ Market

Market Manager:      Randy Mehlhoff & Sara McGregor

 Address:   324 8th Ave., Langdon, ND 58249

Telephone:   701-256-3079

Email:   randall.mehlhoff@ndsu.edu



Location:       St. Alphonsus Park

Days/Hours:   Thursdays 4:00 – 6:00 pm

Market Season:  July – October


Market:   McClusky Farmers Market

Market Manager:  Linda Bowers – Secretary/Treasurer

 Address:   PO Box 608, McClusky, ND  58463

Telephone:   701-363-9205

Email:  bowersonthemove@yahoo.com


Location:   Heart Park, just off Highway 200

Days/Hours:   Wednesdays, 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Market Season:  July - September


Market:   Minot Farmers Market  Oak Park

Market Manager:   Nicholas Trumbauer

 Address:   2505 2nd Ave. NW, Minot, ND 58703


Email:  ntrumbau@gmail.com

Website:  facebook:  Minot Farmers Market

Location:   Parking lot of Oak Park Center

Days/Hours:   Tuesday, Thursday/4:30p - 6:30p/ Saturday 9am to sellout

Market Season:  Mid July  - October (Halloween)


Market:   North Prairie Farmers Market – Kenmare

Market Manager:   Alan Scherbenske

 Address:  PO Box 441, Kenmare, ND  58746

Telephone:   701-385-4412

Email:  alan.scherbenske@edutech.nodak.edu

Facebook page:  facebook.com/north prairie farmers markets

Location:   Town Square

Days/Hours:  Thursdays, 4:30 pm

Market Season:  August  - October


Market:   North Prairie Farmers Market – Minot

Market Manager:  Marvin Baker

 Address:  PO Box 164, Carpio, ND  58725


Email:  mbaker@northstar.com

Facebook page:  facebook.com/north prairie farmers markets

Location:   1 block north of the corner of Burdick & Broadway

Days/Hours:  Saturdays, 11 am – 2 pm

Market Season:  July -  October


Market:   Park River Farmers’ Market

Market Manager:   Kari Helgoe / Britt Jacobson

 Address:  101 Co Rd 12B, Park River, ND 58270

Telephone:   701-284-6624

Email:  brittj@polarcomm.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/ParkRiverFarmersMarket 

Location:   Little Park - Corner of 4th St. W & Harris Ave. W, Park River

Days/Hours:  Thursdays 5:30 - 6:30

Market Season:  July 18 – August 29


Market:   Red River Market

Market Managers:   Megan Myvdal and Simone Wai

 Address:  514 10th Ave. South, Fargo, ND  55103

Telephone:   701-331-1840

Email:  meganmyvdal@gmail.com or simonecwai@gmail.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/RedRiverMarket

Website:  www.redriver.market.com

Location:   Broadway & 2nd Ave. N., Fargo

Days/Hours:  Saturdays, 10am to 2pm

Market Season:  July to October


Market:   Rolette Farmers' Market

Market Manager:   Janel Anderson    

 Address:   3966 80th St., Rolette, ND 58366

Telephone:   701-246-3277 or 701-871-2291

Email: janela@utma.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/RoletteFarmersMarket

Location:   Corner of Hwy 66 & Highland Street

Days/Hours:   Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays – 9A to 11:30am

Market Season:   Mid July – Late September / Early October


Market:   Roughriders Home Growers Association

Market Manager:   Bonnie Warm

 Address:   10468 Hwy 10, Dickinson, ND  58601

Telephone:   701-225-5555

Email: warm@ndsupernet.com


Location:   Bingo Charities Parking Lot on 21st Street N.

Days/Hours:   Tuesdays and Saturdays, 10am to Sell Out

Market Season:   Mid-July –Mid-Oct.


Market:   Sakakawea Farmer's Market

Market Manager:  Dwight Duke   

 Address:  1042 28th Ave. SW, Hensler, ND 58530

Telephone:   701-794-3686

Email:  pduke@westriv.com


Location:     Hazen by All Seasons Arena, Beulah by Shopko                                                                                       

Days/Hours:   Hazen Mon. 3-6pm … Beulah Wed. 3-6pm

Market Season:   Mid June – Oct.


Market:   Town Square Farmers Market

Market Manager:  Caryl Lester

 Address:  17721 429th Ave. SW, East Grand Forks, MN 56721

Telephone:   701-330-9952

Email:   tsfarmersmarket@yahoo.com

Website:  TSFarmersmarket.com

Location:  Town Square corner of 3rd & Demers                                                                                     

Days/Hours: Saturdays, 9 – 1:30pm 

Market Season:  3rd Saturday of June – end of September


Market:   Twin Towns Gardeners’ Market

Market Manager:  Daryl Traeger

 Address:  8025 157th Ave. SE, Wyndmere, ND  58081

Telephone:   701-210-0176

Email:   daryl@twinstownsmarket.org

Website:  www.twintownsmarket.org

www.facebook.com/ Twin Towns Gardener’s Market

Location:   corner of 2nd Ave. & 8th St. N

Days/Hours:   Thursdays – 4 to 7 pm

Market Season:  July – September


Market:   Valley City Monday/Thursday Farmers Market

Market Manager:  Norma Voldal

 Address:  3417 Old 10, Valley City, ND  58072

Telephone:   701-845-4303

Email:   none listed

Website:  none listed

Location:   Mondays – Rosebud parking lot / Thursdays – Shopko Parking Lot

Days/Hours:   Mondays & Thursdays  4-6pm

Market Season:  July to November


Market:   Valley City Saturday Morning FM

Market Manager:  Becky Huber

 Address:  4431 131 Ave. SE, Fingal, ND  58031

Telephone:   701-924-8278

Email:   none listed

Website:  none listed

Location:   V.C. Vets Park and BC Museum

Days/Hours:   Saturdays, 10am to noon

Market Season:  June to end of October


Market:   Walhalla Farmers Market

Market Manager:  Wanda Carlock

 Address:  PO Box 34, Walhalla, ND  58282

Telephone:   701-549-3939

Email:  wandacarlock62@gmail.com

Website:  Wanda Carlock / Walhalla nd.com

Location:   corner of 10th St. & Central Ave.

Days/Hours:   Saturdays, 9 to 1pm

Market Season:  July - October


Market:   Wimbledon Farmers Market

Market Manager:  Beth Slag

 Address:  9841 15th St. SE, Wimbledon, ND  58492

Telephone:   701-435-2755

Email:  bethy-bobster@hotmail.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com / Wimbledon Farmers Market

Location:   Victory Park (city park)

Days/Hours:   Thursdays, 3pm to 6pm

Market Season:  2nd week of June - September




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