Farmers Market Resources

1.)   Farmers Market Ruling Fact Sheet - Click for PDF

2.)   Selling Locally Grown Fruits - Vegetables - Click for PDF

3.)   Guide to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) - Click for PDF

4.)   Guide to Cleaning and Sanitizing - Click for PDF

5.)   Guide to Food Handling -  Click for PDF

6.)   The Best Size For Your Sign Letters - Click for PDF

7.)   Colors That Stand Out On Signs - Click for PDF

8.)   Article: Cooking Demonstrations at Farmers Markets - Click for PDF

9.)   News Release from North Dakota Department of Health - Click for PDF

10.)  Paths to Success for Farm to School Programs - Click for PDF

11.)  Farm to Hospital Brochure - Click for PDF

12.)  ND State Action Guide of Fruit and Vegetable Intake - Click for PDF

13.)  Community Food Security: Growing Healthy Farms, People, and Communities - 
Click for PDF

14.)  Good Food We Can Afford: Today and Tomorrow - 
Click for PDF

15.)   Where Does Your Food Come From?  Plant Your Dollars Close to Home and Watch Them Grow -
Click for PDF

16.)  Where Does Your Food Come From?  The Best Tasting Food Ripens Close to Home -
Click for PDF

17.)  Board Member Sponsorship Brochure - Click for PDF

18.)   Price Tag / Cost Tag of Corn - Click for PDF 

19.)   Price Tag / Cost Tag of a Potato - Click for PDF

20.) Price Tag / Cost Tag of a Tomato - Click for PDF



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